A Lesson in Service that Lasted a Lifetime

This 40-something shares her perspective on selling which she learned in her twenties by intuition and which has lasted her a lifetime.

“I didn’t learn from my sales manager because he just said, “Whatever works for you, go do it.” I think it was more instinctive. I started to find I’d call on people and they would have had a bad experience. ‘People didn’t do this. I asked for this.’ So I started to fulfill on those old promises. ‘Oh you wanted this and you didn’t get it. I’ll go back and I’ll get it for you.’ I would do the extra work and come back and say,’ Here’s that information you wanted or whatever it was or if it couldn’t be done, an explaination why not and an alternate solution.’

It’s shocking how easy it is to listen to people and give them what they want. I  actually had customers offer me a job. It only took a little to exceed expectations. They said things like, ‘I can’t believe you did this. Nobody does this.’ That made me feel good and it made an impression that carried over to every job. I realized it was something that I could use for the rest of my life. Service is so important and it can make a difference.

Everybody has this stereotype that sales is one-way, high pressure and greed focused. You’re just trying to get the sale because it makes money. But I would approach it as solving a problem. That’s where I found my comfort zone and that’s what is most helpful to people.

It has served me well. I went on to own my own business with a partner in the internet industry. When I had my second child I sold my shares and took a little time and now I’m back to doing the same thing but just doing it myself.  It also helps in talking to your children’s teachers and even in your relationship with your husband. It’s just putting the other persons needs in perspective and then figuring out a way to merge those with your needs. Listening and a little extra work. It’s worth it.”

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