Yes! We Can Do It! Women Entrepreneurs in 2012


This is an excellent post by Joanne Wilson for The Next Woman (and also via Women Entrepreneur’s Mentor Daily). I love the belief that we don’t need to apologize for our decisions. That is so much what this blog is about. It’s celebrating the decisions we have made and what we have learned from them…and the fact that we have so many choices in front of us. Every Monday on Joanne’s Gotham Gal blog she shares the story of a female entrepreneur — their path, insights and inspirations. For this post she shared her vision for all female entrepreneurs in 2012. You can do it. I think it’s great advice for any woman who wants to be CEO fo her own startup or of her own life!  Check out the full post here. And here are Joanne’s wishes for 2012.

“I’d like women to stop apologizing and to never utter the word I am sorry for the decisions that they have made in their careers. 

I’d like women to stop starting their sentences with I think. Just get in there and speak your mind.

Truth is women have the ability to do it all. We can decide to go to work, we can decide to stay home, we can decide to work part-time, we can decide to start our own companies, we have so many choices. We need to stop judging each other for the choices each of us have made and instead start applauding each other for who we are. We are all individuals with different sensibilities when it comes to our own priorities, our own sense of style and our own ways of living our individual lives.  We are all unique women who bring a tremendous amount to the table.”


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