Take Some Things Off Your To-Do List for the New Year

As it comes time to make resolutions…think about adding slow down to the list. We all feel the pressure to achieve some imaginary “to-do” list. There’s a sense that we only have a window of time in our 20s to accomplish so much. Sometimes that leads to rushing into things or choosing a path before it’s time. You may feel like you’re missing out on something if you’re not constantly doing and achieving…but you may just miss out on figuring out what you really want. This woman wishes she had done just that in her twenties:

“Go slowly. In spite of all the temptation. Don’t rush to climb the ladder or get married or lock in to a lifestyle. You look back and say ‘S***.  If only I’d known myself better at 20, I never would’ve done this.’ I’m sure everybody says it was all for the best and you wouldn’t be who you are today if you hadn’t. But I don’t buy that.

I spent years in my 20’s partying … being drawn toward the limelight. I was wasting so much time. I don’t believe that created the person I am now. As a matter of fact, I think I compartmentalize that part of me because it wasn’t me. It was false and it just wasted a lot of time – both with relationships and with jobs.

It’s natural to be afraid but don’t let that fear force you into hiding from yourself. If you put so much pressure on yourself, you find ways to distract yourself until you get away from it.

The world is not watching you. There is no finish line. You can let yourself feel some freedom to figure s*** out. Slow down. Don’t chase the ladder or the limelight. Take some time to just be with yourself too.”

 40-something, Los Angeles, CA



Note to subscribers: This post is re-editied from an earlier post from January 2011. This week, while taking some time off, I am re-posting some of the best posts of 2011. Enjoy!

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