The Real Deal on What to Expect With Marriage and Kids

Six 40-something women dish on life, love and marriage over a reunion brunch. All 40-something, married moms from around the country…half working out of home half stay at home moms. Their top 12 marriage-isms:

1. You will pick up a lot of dirty socks.

2. In your 20s you think marriage is the end goal but the day you get married is just day one. It’s a constant negotiation.

3. Garbage is still garbage.

4. If I knew how little I would see my husband I wouldn’t have cared so much about who I married:)

5. Yes you are tired but get over it and have sex…it’s good for business.

6. Kids come before your job. They have to. You can get another job you can’t get another child. You can fire me but I can’t fail my kids.

7. Travel now. You never realize how hard it is to do with kids. Plus… you won’t have a mid-life crisis at forty because you lived a full life before you got married.

8. You don’t FIND a mate you CHOOSE a mate. It’s the most important choice you can make. Before you get married figure out how you make decisions together. That is the most important thing.

9. You won’t always love him so you better like him. Or is it vice versa?  My husband is still the funniest guy I know. Sex can ebb and flow but humor makes up for a lot. We can always still laugh together.

10. It’s not all life or death. You will fight. Don’t take it all so seriously. You have to maintain perspective. Yes we are mad at each other. No we are not getting divorced.

11. If you need therapy before marriage…forget it!

12. Even in my worst fit of anger I think to myself…OMG if I was doing this by myself it would suck so bad.



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