This Weeks Links That Made Me Think

Career:  20-Something Founder Story

Suzanne Xie of Lollihop on luck and landing a deal. Call it luck if you will but I call it having a vision and being able to see (and seize) opportunities to bring it to life. You deserve the credit for serious determination vs. serendipity.

Self and Wellness:  Choosing to Be Childless…Alone

The Savvy Auntie reacts to the charge that men are attracted to women who have children. Is this another pro in the “have a baby on your own” movement? Melanie feels more older women are being judged for not getting on the single mom bandwagon. Everybody seems to have an opinion but it’s a very personal decision…so try a little less judgment either way!

Of course there’s a lot of factors involved in the decision to have a child on your own…or not. The other point of the article is that it not only takes a village to raise a child, it takes a serious savings account. 40:20 hindsight says you can do it without a lot of money but it takes personal sacrifice and the ability to make fun rather than buy it. Some women suggest it may be easier to do this when you are younger and not handcuffed to a lifestyle. Something to consider.

Career: Committing  to your Career or to Your Marriage?

Francis Ford Coppola’s advice to women…don’t lose your career in your marriage. Translation…don’t marry young.  But this should be less and less true!

Dating: Don’t Be Afraid to Date Men

 Good pedicure reading in Glamour this month. Here, Mandy Kaling of The Office on why you should date men not boys. 40:20 Vision couldn’t agree more.  Mandy says that “Men know what they want” and that is scary.” Don’t be afraid…just know what you want too.

Gender: Do Men Choose to Be Blind?

Men are blind to gender bias in gaming and real life.  If they can’t see it they can’t correct it. Or perhaps as the author suggests, they choose not to see it so the balance of power can’t be changed.  This reminded me of a conversation between two 40-something women. One says she believe men just don’t see dirt or dirty socks.  She decided to set aside money for a cleaning service in order to avoid a lifetime of annoyance and nagging. The other woman believes it’s all just a big farce. Of course they see it but if they were to admit it, then they would be signing up for a life time of picking it up. She decided to let the dirty towels and socks build up until her husband had to see it. Interesting article.




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