Give Yourself A Little Space to Fulfill Your Own Role

Today’s insight is from a woman who married young and is now on a journey to find her own place in her relationships. She doesn’t put an age on when you should get married but just make sure you give yourself some space between being a daughter and being a wife.

“I went straight from my parent’s house to a dorm to my husband’s house. I was never on my own. I never had a job with insurance. I don’t regret anything but those are things I do wish for my kids. I guess you could say I was jealous when I saw my friends going off and doing things on their own.  I just didn’t. So it was wrong? No. But I want my kids to be able to do that.

So yes I would say if you get married too young, you would never find your own self. And I think a lot of people don’t realize is that it probably affects your relationship with your mom. I still don’t have the greatest relationship with my mom and I think it’s because I never was out on my own. If I didn’t go straight from being a daughter to wife… there might have been a little bit more time to get to know my mom as a friend. Now that my kids are older I realize that I never got to know myself or my mom as a person. That is something I am working on now.”

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