Go With Who You Are And Others Will Follow

These 5 pieces of advice are from a woman whose husband died to leave her a single mom to their 5 year old son and completely unaware of his financial shenanigans. They were deep in debt and she had a failing business on her hands. She overcame mourning and near financial ruin only to face a breast cancer bout.  She is a survivor. In her 20 year marriage she dealt to her husband’s later diagnosed depression by finally finding her own strength. Here are her words of wisdom.

  1. Be yourself. Go with who you are and the men will follow.
  2. If you act like you are lesser than equal (to your guy), then they are going to treat you like you are lesser than equal.
  3. Have fun, fall in love and then trust but verify.
  4. Get a pre-nup.
  5. Money does not buy you happiness. It’s buys you ease and entree. The rest is up to you.

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