Phone Off, Life On


Check out the video link below from a girl who drunk dialed the wrong guy with her midnight musings!

Drunk Dial Goes Viral

Hilarious.  I’m not sure if it’s for real or not …but I’m sure almost everyone can relate to a drunk dial they wish wasn’t real. One thing a lot of 40-somethings are happy about is that we didn’t have quite the same access to drunk dialing in our twenties. But you can be assured we left our share of shame-drenched drunk messages on the old answering machine. We all agree…turn it off!

Here’s a POV on why from one 40-something woman:

“I’m so relieved that texts didn’t exist. Now you can contact a guy at any time and it can be so misconstrued. You could be mad, you could be drunk and you can contact that person that you shouldn’t contact at any time. I would say turn the phone off and don’t answer it. So much better if don’t live by the text or by the phone. You’ve got to live for yourself rather than waiting for something to come in on that phone.”


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