Three Wishes for a Twenty-Something (10)

Every time I interview a 40-something woman for 40:20 Vision I ask them what 3 “gifts” would they give a 20-something if they were a “Forty-Godmother”. Here’s one woman’s gifts:


I would give them confidence. How? You can get it by developing your skills through work and through volunteering. I think that is a big thing I think people need to do as well is to give. Do charity and you get out of yourself. I’ve been doing charity for years. I love it. Just get into a group where you can volunteer whether it’s hands-on or whether it’s helping produce a charity event or funding. You want to get out of yourself so that’s where a lot of your confidence comes. You need to do it in your twenties. It can’t wait. That’s when you have more time to do it.


I’m gonna give them a plane ticket around the world. I want them to see how the rest of the world is. I’m East Indian. I’ve been to India so many times. The majority of the times is in my twenties. That shaped my life as well. You’ll see how the rest of the world really lives and you’ll realize how lucky you are that you live here.  You work your ass off to do it, to make your own money. You just have to. Those trips changed my life.


Three, I will say compassion. You work hard. You work your butt off then you see what other people need and you help them. You help them. Do they need help getting their resume updated? Those are some of the things. Little things. It will come back to you.

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