How Do You Transition From Hooking Up to Dating?

Another post on The Huffington Post today. Advice to women on separating sex and emotion in today’s “hook-up” culture. Would love to know if more women feel the way some of the 20-somethings I have talked to do…that of course you can have guilt-free sex today but what if you don’t want to in a world where that is considered the norm? And in your early 20’s is it so easy to separate two?  This all came about when a friend told me something that a 20-something guy told her. He knows that if he is “hanging out with a girl” (hooking up with no intention of not hooking up with someone else) and she wants more of a relationship, he can say no and she will continue to hang out with him anyway. It seems like a real imbalance of power despite the empowerment that women are enjoying. What do you think?

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