Enjoy Your Emerging Adulthood

New York Times article reports on new lifestage of “emerging adulthood” — aka extended adolescence. 40-something advice: enjoy it as much as you can!

I think most 40 somethings would give the advice to 20-somethings to enjoy their emerging adulthood as much as they can.  40-something women share the following “what I wish I knew then” thoughts:

Don’t get married before 30

Don’t have kids before 30

Do try on lots of jobs at first but try to find your passion as you get into your late 20s

Do indulge in that Eat Pray Love fantasy so that you can figure out who you and what you want — it’s a lot harder to do when you are 40-something

Do travel as much as you can

Do move out from your parents – in fact try another city – you can always go back

Do save money — don’t think investing in a house or apartment is not permanence, it is freedom

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