Our Mission at 40:20 Vision

Women have more choices and freedom today – to marry or stay single, to have children alone, in wedlock or not at all, to work or stay at home, start a company or enter the gig economy — to name a few.  Sometimes more choices are overwhelming — it’s harder to choose what is “right” and easier to wonder what if.

Women in their 40’s today are part of the first wave of women to see the other side of all these choices — the consequences of delaying marriage, fore-going childbirth or following an unexpected career path —  in large numbers. And while we all have made different decisions, what we all have in common by the time we hit our 40s is the confidence of making decisions that are right for us. We feel stronger, sexier and smarter than ever. We may still have shit happen to us, but we now have a whole vault of experiences to get us through the downs (and we know there is always an up on the other side). We can draw on this learning to help us make better decisions…or at least know what we are getting ourselves into. And that is a magical power.

It is that learning from experience that we hope to pass on as an oral history, a collective memoir – a vision of the other side so you can get a sense if the grass is greener or not – and perhaps get a head start on making your own best decisions. Many women have said, “Wow if 20-something women had that power, it would be kick-ass world for everyone. They would actually be as cocky as they act. So watch out world. Stop, listen and then decide for yourself.”

About the Ambassador Program

Our ambassadors will serve as 40:20 Vision’s eyes and ears in their local cities, supporting our mission of helping 20-something women get a head start on making great decisions about their career, life, relationships, and more using the collective wisdom of 40-somethings and beyond (and everything in-between). When we share our wisdom in a collaborative, mentor-like setting, we can all have better than 20:20 Vision.

Specifically, 40:20 Vision Ambassadors interview local women in their city who inspire them. The women who are a step or two ahead in their career and are making an impact in their organization or community. 40:20 Vision creates the space to help women have lightbulb moments faster as they hear from savvy 40-somethings and beyond about “what they know now that they wish they knew then!”