Three Gifts for a 20-Something (4)

Another response to the question I ask every 40-something I interview: What 3 “gifts” would you give a 20-something as her “Forty-Godmother”?

~ 1 ~

“I will erase your past. Everyday you will be able to realize as new so you won’t be burdened with what happened before. and can make  your choices based on what you want to happen going forward.”


You will not care what people think of you.”

~ 3 ~

You will not have to be right. Instead of being right you will be happy to be not right.

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  • Lisa


    People will ALWAYS get it wrong.
    I found out in the last year that my classmates in both college and high school thought I was gay.


    That would come as a shock to a few people…myself included.
    But no…not gay. Nothing wrong with it…I just don’t roll that way.

    But the simple truth is that even with ALL those people thinking that, it had zero effect on my life.

    Live your life as you will.
    You will pay your own freight…don’t pay for anyone else’s gossip or delusions.